Data retention changes

Data will now be cleared after 7 days for free plan users

Since Ethernal launched a year and half ago, data has always been stored indefinitely (unless you manually cleared your workspace), no matter if you were on a free or a premium plan.

However, with usage increasing (especially on the free plan), the amount of data stored has been growing as well, and associated costs too.

So, in order to reduce those costs, starting October 10th, all data stored by Ethernal for users on a free plan, will be cleared 7 days after it's been synchronized. This includes accounts/contracts/blocks/transactions. They will be completely deleted from the database with no possible recovery.

This won't affect users on a premium or on an explorer plan. Their data will never expire automatically.

The primary use case of the free plan is to use Ethernal with a development chain. Data synced is not supposed to be valuable for a very long time, and is probably not relevant anymore most of the time after 7 days.

Expired data will be cleared once a day at midnight PST.

If you have a use case where you need longer data retention and can't afford the premium plan, feel free to reach out at [email protected], or ping me on Discord.