Ethernal is going open source!

Ethernal's code is now publicly available. The hosted version now has free and paid tiers.

From its beginning about 10 months ago, Ethernal has been entirely closed source, aside from the CLI and the Hardhat plugin.

But starting today, with v1.0, the code is going to be completely available on Github, giving everyone the possibility to run their own instance of it.

Ethernal's core is licensed under BSL 1.1, with a change period of 4 years and Apache 2.0 as the change license. Check out he LICENSE file in the repo for more details about this (main point being that you can do pretty much whatever you want with the code except reselling it as part of any commercial offering).
The CLI and the Hardhat plugin are under the MIT license.

Hosted Version

Each time a release is created on Github, it is deployed automatically on

With v1.0, some significant changes are coming to the hosted version: while the core features of Ethernal are staying free, a new paid plan will now be available that will include more advanced functionalities.

The goal here is to keep a free plan that offers enough functionalities to make Ethernal helpful to developers getting started with smart contracts development,  or working on smaller projects, while charging those working on more complex projects, or in a bigger team, in order to fund the development of the product.

What will stay free?

  • Unlimited sync of accounts / blocks / transactions
  • 10 synced contracts - it is now possible to remove contracts without resetting the entire workspace, so old versions won't fill up the list
  • 1 workspace available
  • Community support - if you need help with Ethernal, you can open a thread here:

What more is included in the paid plan?

At the moment, the paid plan costs $20/month, this might change in the future, and other plans might be added as well.

There is a 14 days free trial for the paid plan, and if you signed up before October 18th, you get 30 days.

More features are going to be added to Ethernal, some will be integrated in the free plan, some others in the paid plan, following the same logic of a split between beginners/advanced features.

Roadmap / Feature Requests

You'll find the roadmap and the status of the different features here here:

If you have requests for features, you can open a thread here:, feel free to also upvote what you think would be useful to you.

And as usual, don't forget to join our Discord server if you need help with Ethernal, have suggestions and feedback, or just don't want to miss out on important news!

For each release, a message will be posted in the #releases channel with the changelog so you can keep up with them!